Compare Barn2 to Woosuite

See how Woosuite is a Barn2 alternative, and choose the right provider based on your goals and budget.


$349 / year
(billed annually)
  • Gives you access to all plugins upto 1 sites


$847 / year
(billed annually)
  • Gives you access to all plugins upto 20 sites

Barn2 vs Woosuite Plugin Comparison

Product Table
WooCommerce Wholesale
Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules
Shipping Restriction Rules
Payment Restriction Rules
User Registration for WooCommerce
Request a Quote
Private WooCommerce Store
Min/Max Quantities
Password Protection Rules
Quantity Manager
WooBuilder (beta)
WooCommerce Product Bundle (beta)
Bulk Variations
Lead Time
Multiple Email Recipients
WooCommerce Quick View
WooCommerce Mix and Match
WooCommerce Tax Exempt
Product Sample

To help you better understand what’s on offer with both providers, we have listed Barn2 and Woosuite plugins for Woocommerce.

Barn2 vs Woosuite Pricing Comparison

Upto 20 sites access all plugin bundle
$1070(with white labelling )

We believe in getting great value for money, when it comes to pricing, the two competitors have different approaches. Woosuite offers its plugins as an access-all package while barn2 offers that too, they also allow you to purchase the plugins individually. 

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