WooCommerce Request a Quote

Add a request a quote button to your entire site, on selected products, or to selected users groups! A powerful solution that allows you to show request a quote and/or add to cart button, you can even hide prices and prompt users to login.

WooCommerce quote request

All the tools you need in one place for one simple price to automate your wholesale business from signup to checkout. Expand into the biggest online market online with a few clicks starting from your existing WooCommerce products.

Hide Prices

Hide prices on a specific product or sitewide. Or how about to users who are currently not logged, or to users who belong to a certain user group.

Quotation System

Lets users add quotations to their quote basket and submit multiple quotes list and submit to through the quote form.

Manage Quote Request

You will be emailed when new quotes are entered into the system, so you can followup with prospects.

Login to view Price

We have made it super easy for you to create separate pricing for your wholesale customers on your existing products. All this without creating and managing two separate products makes it easy and convenient to control stock levels. 

Request for Quote Form

Customize the quote form to include all the relevant fields you require the user to fill in. On this quote from page users can increase/decrease the quantity of a particular product or remove it from their quotes list. 

Quote Display Rules

Choose where, when, and whom to enable the request a quote function to. This allows you to create a tailored experience for each of your customers.

For example, you might want to hide quotes form to logged out users and funnel them towards registering for to your site then show prices when they are approved with a quote form. 

Call for Price

This is easy to achieve with our plugin, with a few clicks you can hide prices and show a “call for price button”. You could even link this button to a dedicated request a call back page or show you phone number.

Manage Quote Submissions

You can view the submission in your WordPress dashboard with information on what products customers are enquiring about and their contact information.

Redirect after quote form submission

Choose where to send prospects after they have successfully submitted a quote.

Confirm the request

Send out confirmation email automatically informing users that you have successfully received their email.

Sell without fixed prices

We’re excited to have you experience Optimizeform Request a Quote plugin. Join your fellow store owners experiences increase your quote submission and much more