WooCommerce Restriction Rules

Set store private mode, password protection, menu item restriction, and or hide products from certain users.

Restriction Rules by Woosuite

All the tools you need in one place to personalize the shopping experience for your users. Create multiple restriction rules that trigger when your criteria are met.

Hide Products

You might want to hide products based on user groups, categories, tags or for a specific user.

Password Protection

Password protect certain products based on user roles, categories, tag or specific customers. Set password expiration date and notice.

Hide Website

In some cases, you might want to enable private store mode to force users to login before accessing your site.

Menu items

Create restrictions rules for your menu displays to tailor what each user groups see.

Targeting Rules

Create multiple rules to tailor the experience for your users. For example you might have one rule for your b2c and another for b2b.

Easy Setup

Get setup in minutes with our plugin and play system.