Dynamic Shipping and Payments

Harness the power of conditional logic and create simple or complex rules to create a seamless experience for your users. For example, some products in your store like batteries might be restricted with some couriers in this case you can automatically set those couriers to unavailable to users and so much more..

WooCommerce conditional shipping and payment

All the tools you need in one place to handle disabling shipping for certain products, disabling shipping by weight,  international shipping, and payments.

Shipping by weight

Some couriers have weight limits in place in this event you can create a conditional rule to disable those couriers.

Free shipping

You have the option to control the availability of free shipping and other shipping options.

Payment methods

There are many cases where you would want to disable certain payment options, for example, if you cater to b2c and b2b.

woocommerce restrict shipping

You can restrict shipping options base on postcode/zip code, method per product. by city and so much more. 

shipping method payment method

No need to mess around with custom coding to try to create a flow where payment options are dependant on the shipping method. This can be achieved in just a few clicks.

Restriction rule by User and User Role

This can be particularly useful if you serve both D2C and B2B customers in which you might want to invoice your wholesale customers instead of showing them a PayPal option for example. The same applies if you run a membership site.

Payment Methods Control

Enable and disable payment method depending on who is going through your checkout. Say you want to enable Paypal for your retail customers but disable for your wholesale customers, with this module you can do that.

Localized Payment

Conditionally enable or disable payment gateway based on your customer's billing country.

Country Restriction

Comply with import regulations by creating rules to prevent orders being shipped to certain countries.

Product Restrictions

Create restrictions rules on a product level for greater control over the overall flow and user experience

Create conditional shipping and payments

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